Family Sessions

Family sessions are my favorite! There are dynamics within each family that just fascinate me! Each family has their own ideas, their own quirks, their own joys, their own kind of love which if allowed to be free for a session really are the shining glory of my work. There is something special about the bond between parents and their children, how little boys look at their mom and how little girls look at their daddy. It makes my heart grow each and every time. Family sessions are done outdoor in an area of your choosing, some really like the beach and for others it’s the park but either way I’m happy to go along for the ride and have some fun with you! OH! Furry kids are part of the family too, so be sure to include them in your portraits!


That glow mixed with natural sunlight makes for the most stunning of photos. Catching that smile when the baby kicks, or catching daddy with his hand in the craving bag, or little brother kissing the belly to show his sister how much he’s going to love her when she finally arrives. There is simply SO MUCH LOVE in these sessions that I always leave feeling a bit more excited about what I do and the clients I do it for, these sessions are food for the soul.


To be invited to welcome a new baby into the world is one of the greatest compliments I could ask for. So much trust is given to allow me to pose the baby, hold the baby, and admittedly snuggle it just a bit. Babies are precious and they make our hearts melt, but it also doesn’t last. Babies grow so fast! They explore their worlds and grow day by day. Newborn sessions are done in the comfort of your own home, where the smells and stress levels are exactly where they should be for your precious little one. Lifestyle sessions are a favorite among my clients because it’s easy, no packing up the kids and diaper bags, just be dressed and ready to go for when I get there.

Senior Portraits

Senior Portraits are the marker of reaching the first stage of adulthood. A picture that will reflect who you were before entering the world of bills, work, family, and college. Senior portraits are a blast! I love hearing about the rest of their plans for the senior year, who they’ll take to the dance, where they are applying for college, what they want to be when they grow up… there’s something magical about the hope for the future when working with seniors. So throw on that letter-man jacket and let’s start the future off on the right foot!

Real Estate

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Engagement/Pop the Question!

These are when I laugh and play the most, the infectious joy that happens when she says “YES!”, I love love LOVE being there for this moment. I’m happy to hide and take pictures from afar so you can surprise her with them on your wedding day. Maybe you are already engaged and want to shout it from the roof tops (and who wouldn’t!), how about working together on a session that reflects you two as a couple? What do you two love doing the most? I’m ready and willing! While we are at it why not go for some custom designed save the date notices too?