When I was very young my grandfather bought me my first camera and effectively sparked a passion for photography no one saw coming.

Our History


I’m a mom of three amazing children and have been married 12 years to the most supportive man I could have asked for. I knew early on in life that I wasn’t meant to work in a job that required me to play politics within the corporate field and when asked by my husband what it was I wanted to be the answer flew out of my mouth quicker than I could process what it was I was saying. I wanted to become a photographer. I wanted to spend my days making memories, visiting amazing places, and getting to meet incredible people. When I was very young my grandfather bought me my first camera and effectively sparked a passion for photography no one saw coming. Looking back on the professional photos of my child hood I’m always amazed at the fact that my mother paid for me to sit there like some stuffed animal on a wall. Those pictures clearly weren’t me at all, no reflection of personality, no genuine smile, and often times I saw the pained look on my own face from the prayer of it all being over. As I got older and had my own children I realized I was asking them to do the same thing I hated seeing in my own childhood pictures. I paid repeatedly for JC Penny to do our family portraits and every time I got them I felt my heart sink a little, these were not my kids they were zombies. My kids laugh, run, play, and cause a bit of mischief and it is some of the many things I love about them. And that was enough for me, I picked up my camera and took my kids on a road trip. We found a random place and just started playing, we started laughing, we made memories and even now those are some of my favorite pictures of them. I prefer to shoot with natural/available light to give my images a warm, natural feel, and tend to take a mixture of candid & posed shots. I want to capture that fleeting moment you otherwise may not remember—Like the look in your dads eyes when he sees you for the first time on your wedding day, or the small but precious yawn of your 8-day old newborn, or your senior child feeling on top of the world in their letter-man’s jacket, as they talk about their post-high school plans…I want to capture it all, and make every session as relaxed, easy-going, and fun as possible! Photos should be something you are proud of, something you smile at every time you see them, they should be free spirited and individual to you and your family. Your portraits should be something you remember forever. The smiles of your children and the way they look at the world with wonder, the moment of that engagement that signifies the start of a new life together, the bump that show’s everything it about to change, they are all fleeting moments you can’t get back. I don’t believe in stressful and stiff photography, I’m a firm believer that when you are comfortable it shines through in a photograph. I believe in putting YOU back into the picture, doing something that makes YOU really smile so if that’s a food fight, water fight, strolling through Armstrong, or playing at the ocean I’m ready for an adventure if you are!


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